Sean Doud’s Week 2 Summary

This was another difficult week.  Had no idea how to create a GIF, I did not enjoy trying to find out how to do this.  Tried on both a Mac and a PC and both were difficult.  Did not find any easy to follow instructions. Definitely learned a lot! In the future I will try to start things earlier in the week, I’m hoping to spend more time in the future.  Spending a lot of time learning things that seem easy to others that have done this type of stuff before.  I’m still hoping I’m doing things correctly.  I am not glued to my computer, so this is a difficult course for me.  The most fund thing I did was to find a classic picture and do something to it, although it isn’t earth shattering, it was fun to do.  I also liked some of the weekly creates, I was able to be sarcastic and I had fun with that.  Anyway, I’m hoping to get some good feedback because I have really tried to hard to meet the requirements.  I was a little let down with the amount of work I did last week and didn’t do all that well. It is definitely hard to post this as the whole world sees it.


Weekly Summary description

Completed this week:

  1. Reflect on The Vignelli Cannon
  2. DesignBlitz, my interpretation
  3. Daily Create #1 – How The East Was Lost
  4. Daily Create #2 – Virginia is for lovers
  5. Daily Create #3 – Its a wonderful life
  6. Daily Create #4 – What was he thinking? Train…
  7. Design Assignments #1 (3 stars) – Where did she go?
  8. Design Assignments #2 (4 stars) – Love to Fish
  9. Design Assignments #3 (3 stars) – Wordle anyone?
  10. Design Assignments #4 (3 stars) – Cool, Refreshing Drink of…
  11. Design Assignments #5 (2 stars) – Professional Student Sean
  12. Animated GIF #1 – Peace or War
  13. Animated GIF #2 – Starry Night

Blog: The Song Remains the Same

Vignelli Reflection

I was absolutely impressed by the breakdown of the design aspect.  The aspects of design are semantics, syntactic and pragmatic.  All of which I found are essential in design, I just do not have the absolute resolution and time to devote to this.  He mentions the architects in Milan believe they should be able to design everything from a spoon to a city, I’m not sure this type of person exists in the U.S., let alone, the planet earth but I think it is a wonderful creed to live by.  He was extremely focused on the design aspect and I’m not sure I have the same time to dedicate to the passion and focus that he had. I believe the concepts he held at the time, where there were half of the resources, were extremely beyond his time.  Its amazing to see the devotion to his craft and what he learned.  I had difficulty relating to much of this reading as I struggle with being artistic, most of my life has been centered on linear understanding, math, engineering, science.  The intent, as I understood it, was to make designing a learned concept and not an artistic on but it still seemed artistic.  I try to capture “moments”, but sometimes it takes 50 photos to get it.  One of the most interesting aspects was timiliness, capturing the moment in its simplest form and something that lasts for generations.  Just like each of the era’s (60’s,70’s,80’s this is hard to do but easy in retrospect) I think he believed in creating something real, not out of others expectations.  Something that captured the “essence” of the subject matter, without the satisfaction of the client.  I completely agreeed with the notion of not redesigning a logo or culture, why recreate the wheel?  If it is working, add something to it to capture the era.  I was taken back by the complexity of paper layouts, it is amazing to have such detail in how something is laid out, again, it would take forever to learn this but I’m sure it has significance.  The typeface and grid layouts lost me, I would have to reference this in the future to see what would be “correct” or “incorrect”.  Without devoting much time to this discipline, I’m not sure I found the gravity other than one should try to do their best to pay attention to details.  I think this is a great book for architects and that it applies to what we are doing in DS106 but within the time constraints, I’m not sure I can do this in practice.  Are we supposed to be honest?  Again, I learned some great principles and will try to apply them to what I am doing.  Very good read.

Design Blitz, my interpretation

For this Design Blitz, I took a few recently and found more in my photo library.


I snapped this photo while taking a walk, I feel it represents color very well.  The vibrant green surrounding the pink flowers, which draws your eye directly to that section of the photo.



I selected this image to represent Balance, I think it does that in many aspects.  Starting at the top with the plants, the green one is sparse on the right side and the larger one on the left makes them appear to be balanced because it’s larger and in the background.  The rocks take a large portion of the center of the photo.  The bird is standing tall, with his large body slightly to the right, his neck goes up slightly to the left, but his head is turned looking right, which balances perfectly.



I picked this one for my wife.  Laundry, it never ends and this typography says it all.  The font is fun, while the laundry isn’t.  She may sort the laundry today, and wash it later…but at least it’s sorted, right?  Sometimes that last load will sit in the dryer until the next load of wash is ready to be dried.  And iron, really?  If I wanted something ironed, I have to do it myself.  I guess that’s to be expected since she does all the laundry, why should she stay in the laundry room any longer to iron clothes.


Form, Function, Message

I selected this photograph from my library because I felt it really showed the message of me teaching my passion, fishing, to my daughter.  My wife took this photograph and captured my intense look, holding the fishing pole.  And my daughters anticipation of that next catch.  When that line pulled and I announced “I’ve got one”, her excitement was amazing!  Everything I teach my children is worth every moment we share!  She will be my little fisher buddy.


Its a wonderful life

If I were to wake up to a world without internet, I would rejoice!  I would speak to my family   and enjoy their company.  I would imagine neighbors would be outside talking to each other and laugh.  The paper would still be getting delivered and I would read the headlines.     Encyclopedias would be referenced.  Students would probably know more about what they were being taught.  Oh life would be grand, oh wait, there is still internet.

Peace or War

I decided to go a little easier for my second GIF, just text.  Peace or War.  Displaying PEACE on a white background for a calm feeling and WAR in red font and on a black background to really make you feel the effect of WAR.

I used GIMP to create this animated text as well!  Again, I spent a lot of time learning how to create GIFs and actually making them work.  I started with a white background and duplicated it, then created a black background and duplicated it.  I then added PEACE to the white back ground and made it large and changed the colors of each letter to make them feel soothing.  For the black background, I added WAR in red to really make it stand out and feel angry.

Same thing here, it doesn’t work as the thumbnail, but if you click on it you can see the animation.


Starry Night

I began by picking to Animate a Classic Painting…Starry Night.  This was by far the hardest assignment yet!  I’ve never even had to think about making an animated GIF.  I spent four hours trying to figure out how to get GIMP to work and export my working GIF…no luck!  I took a very long break and came back with a clear mind.  Thanks to a YouTube video by GIMPMastering, I was able to figure out I needed to optimize my GIF first!  Then voila, it worked!  (They do work, but for some reason you have to click on the image to see the animation.)

I began these by finding Starry Night on google, then opened it in GIMP.  I duplicated the image into multiple layers then I colorized each layer with different hue, saturation and lightness levels.  Then I optimized for GIF, of course later in the day I found out I had to do this step first!


So after that simple solution, I was determined to make my first go at this work.  For this one I used the oval selection tool to pick three circles in the night sky and added a ripple filter to those selections.  I kept doing this in each layer I created.  And I did, quickly!  So I’m including that one too.


Professional Student Sean

Hello!  I am Sean Doud and I’m about to begin a new chapter in my life for the next year, Professional Student.  I’m so close to finishing and I can graduate by May 2016.  Check out my Business Card.

For this Assignment, I used word and added a table, with a gray background.  I found the image on google and thought what better than a light bulb to show ideas.  I am, after all, now a professional student.

Professional Student

Cool, Refreshing Drink of ….

I am a fan of the Motivational Posters.  Refreshing is my favorite, whatever your beverage choice is….as long as it’s nice and cool, as well as refreshing…it’s going to be GOOD!  I find myself relaxing more when I have a cool beverage in my hand.  It just seems to set the mood.

For this poster, I found a picture from our trip to the Richmond Zoo.  The pink flamingo is having a nice cool, refreshing drink of water.  Water…I guess that’s the flamingo’s favorite…not me.  I made the background black so the motivational photo stands out more.  The font is set to match the color of the flamingo to draw your attention to their meaning.

Motivational Poster

Wordle anyone?

Photography & Design is looking for new Branding for their company.  They thought it would be great to capture some key words about their company to attract attention.  So I thought to myself, who doesn’t love wordle?  I was planning on creating my own wordle for this new branding for Illustration Photography & Design, but I found a great one online that was already created for me with exactly the right combination of words!

Once I found the right wordle image, I created an oval in word and used a gradient fill to create the illusion that the wordle is glowing.  I then found a complimenting font to display the company name and their logo.

Illustration Photography & Design
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Illustration Photography and Design