Design Blitz, my interpretation

For this Design Blitz, I took a few recently and found more in my photo library.


I snapped this photo while taking a walk, I feel it represents color very well.  The vibrant green surrounding the pink flowers, which draws your eye directly to that section of the photo.



I selected this image to represent Balance, I think it does that in many aspects.  Starting at the top with the plants, the green one is sparse on the right side and the larger one on the left makes them appear to be balanced because it’s larger and in the background.  The rocks take a large portion of the center of the photo.  The bird is standing tall, with his large body slightly to the right, his neck goes up slightly to the left, but his head is turned looking right, which balances perfectly.



I picked this one for my wife.  Laundry, it never ends and this typography says it all.  The font is fun, while the laundry isn’t.  She may sort the laundry today, and wash it later…but at least it’s sorted, right?  Sometimes that last load will sit in the dryer until the next load of wash is ready to be dried.  And iron, really?  If I wanted something ironed, I have to do it myself.  I guess that’s to be expected since she does all the laundry, why should she stay in the laundry room any longer to iron clothes.


Form, Function, Message

I selected this photograph from my library because I felt it really showed the message of me teaching my passion, fishing, to my daughter.  My wife took this photograph and captured my intense look, holding the fishing pole.  And my daughters anticipation of that next catch.  When that line pulled and I announced “I’ve got one”, her excitement was amazing!  Everything I teach my children is worth every moment we share!  She will be my little fisher buddy.


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