Love to Fish

I created a 3D Magazine Collage of my favorite hobby…fishing! Everything you see on my fish are necessary for a successful fishing trip! The lures and weights, dock ropes, my boat and fishing poles, GPS, and of course a cooler for all those yummy Rockfish I like to catch! A few years ago I decided I needed to get as many lines in the water at one time as I could, while I troll along the river. Keep in mind that I’m a one man band when it comes to fishing, my kids are still too young and my wife is not a fan! So I began making planer boards, they are designed to be launched from the boat and cover more area away from the side of the boat. Letting me put more lines in the water to potentially catch more fish! Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it isn’t! That’s fishing!

I began with a piece of cardboard that I cut into the shape of a fish, then I balled up paper to give it a 3D look. With the help of my kids, we tore through the Bass Pro Shops magazine and cut out my favorite images of fishing. Then the fun part began, placing those images all over my fish.

DSC_0219 (2)


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