Starry Night

I began by picking to Animate a Classic Painting…Starry Night.  This was by far the hardest assignment yet!  I’ve never even had to think about making an animated GIF.  I spent four hours trying to figure out how to get GIMP to work and export my working GIF…no luck!  I took a very long break and came back with a clear mind.  Thanks to a YouTube video by GIMPMastering, I was able to figure out I needed to optimize my GIF first!  Then voila, it worked!  (They do work, but for some reason you have to click on the image to see the animation.)

I began these by finding Starry Night on google, then opened it in GIMP.  I duplicated the image into multiple layers then I colorized each layer with different hue, saturation and lightness levels.  Then I optimized for GIF, of course later in the day I found out I had to do this step first!


So after that simple solution, I was determined to make my first go at this work.  For this one I used the oval selection tool to pick three circles in the night sky and added a ripple filter to those selections.  I kept doing this in each layer I created.  And I did, quickly!  So I’m including that one too.


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