Thoughts on Photoreflection

Again, I probably sound hum drum but I am not a picture taker by nature.  Truly, most of my pictures are taken in a technical frame of mind, i.e. “this is a picture of the part you requested”.  So no, I do not take a lot of photos.  In that respect, I currently have no method.  In light of the magnitude of what was needed this week and the learning curve, I reviewed the DS106 suggestions for taking pictures and will try to incorporate them in following weeks.  Just learning all of the different forms of social media (how to tweet), took a substantial amount of time and from then on has been an exercise in trying to complete the rest of the assignments.  I’m hoping I can think about and take more time in capturing images and will read more on how to do it.  The link, “writing up assignments” is broken so I’m really not sure I’m doing this correctly either but giving it a try.

Multimodal Introduction

Hi!  I’m Sean Doud and with this Introduction, I have learned more about social media in one week than I ever thought I would.  Not enjoying this at all and creativity at this point is not something I’m striving for…however it will come.  I’m bouncing back and forth between three PC’s just to accomplish this.

Here’s my Twitter Introduction, this is highly creative:

My SoundCloud audio will really blow you away:

My YouTube video:

Flickr, this was fun, got to pay for and download SnagIt and then learn how to use that application (another hour or so):