Peace or War

I decided to go a little easier for my second GIF, just text.  Peace or War.  Displaying PEACE on a white background for a calm feeling and WAR in red font and on a black background to really make you feel the effect of WAR.

I used GIMP to create this animated text as well!  Again, I spent a lot of time learning how to create GIFs and actually making them work.  I started with a white background and duplicated it, then created a black background and duplicated it.  I then added PEACE to the white back ground and made it large and changed the colors of each letter to make them feel soothing.  For the black background, I added WAR in red to really make it stand out and feel angry.

Same thing here, it doesn’t work as the thumbnail, but if you click on it you can see the animation.


Starry Night

I began by picking to Animate a Classic Painting…Starry Night.  This was by far the hardest assignment yet!  I’ve never even had to think about making an animated GIF.  I spent four hours trying to figure out how to get GIMP to work and export my working GIF…no luck!  I took a very long break and came back with a clear mind.  Thanks to a YouTube video by GIMPMastering, I was able to figure out I needed to optimize my GIF first!  Then voila, it worked!  (They do work, but for some reason you have to click on the image to see the animation.)

I began these by finding Starry Night on google, then opened it in GIMP.  I duplicated the image into multiple layers then I colorized each layer with different hue, saturation and lightness levels.  Then I optimized for GIF, of course later in the day I found out I had to do this step first!


So after that simple solution, I was determined to make my first go at this work.  For this one I used the oval selection tool to pick three circles in the night sky and added a ripple filter to those selections.  I kept doing this in each layer I created.  And I did, quickly!  So I’m including that one too.


Where did she go?

What happened, This Assignment is Suspect! She’s beautiful, she’s drinking a glass of wine and having a great time. She was last seen with the Ghosts of Fredericksburg, pulling away from the tour in her horse drawn buggy. We found a potential weapon next to the sign where she pulled away. I’m not sure if that’s blood or just strawberry jam….we’ll bag it and tag it anyways. 48 hours later, our suspect posted a nice relaxing picture of them lying on the beach enjoying a nice cold beverage. FOUND!

I searched through my wedding photos to find some fun pictures of my wife and our experiences in Fredericksburg, trying to think of an interesting twist to us going away on our honeymoon. I used word to insert the photos, adding connecting lines and text boxes.


Multimodal Introduction

Hi!  I’m Sean Doud and with this Introduction, I have learned more about social media in one week than I ever thought I would.  Not enjoying this at all and creativity at this point is not something I’m striving for…however it will come.  I’m bouncing back and forth between three PC’s just to accomplish this.

Here’s my Twitter Introduction, this is highly creative:

My SoundCloud audio will really blow you away:

My YouTube video:

Flickr, this was fun, got to pay for and download SnagIt and then learn how to use that application (another hour or so):


Photo Safari Blitz

While hanging out with my family on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I started my photo safari.  It all quickly became apparent, everything was right in front of me.

I begin walking around and look up, what image captures the domination of a single color better than the sky?  Looking into the sun, I find a great shot of a bright light shinning over my house.  Looking up also provides an interesting angle, the light post angled in front of a tree.  I look down and shadows are everywhere…thank goodness for the sunny day…what to choose?  That gas can has an interesting shadow.

Gotta hurry up!  Time is running out.

Feet?  It’s not going to be mine.  Honey, kids, I need you.  Oh wait, grab that lacrosse stick and let’s see how it looks in motion. I think I’ll stick my pin right in front of those plants, they don’t belong together.  Johnathan’s bike wheel makes a great repeating pattern.  Not only are the spokes repeating, but those spoke beads are too.  Remember those?  Maybe not, I’ve got a few years on some of you.

A few more minutes…what else do I need?

Moving the camera while I take a photo, not really sure about this one.  Flower pot…a little closer to the flower pot.  Did I get it?  My wife’s dog needs to go out, gotta take his cone off.  Hey look, there he is, through the cone.  Now complexity?  Oh the square, that’s complex.

And finally JOY, my baby bug Anna.  Just look at that face.