How The East Was Lost

1st and goal
We are on the 3
Break from the huddle
The ball is handed to me

This is my chance
Gonna give it my all
It would have been nice
Had I not dropped the ball

Some memories are good
While some are bad
Some lighten your mood
And some make you sad

– A memory from a high school football game that I will never forget.

TDC 1227

I did this on Tuesday earlier in the week when I was completely lost and do not know where it went.  Can you guess the movie I’ve never seen?

-A distinguished gentlemen boards a ship, the largest ever built for passengers, thinking he hasn’t a worry in the world.  Little does he know, the ship was not built to sustain impacts from icebergs.  The ship sinks and becomes one of the worlds most talked about voyages.

Hope this clue helps!