Sean Doud’s Week 2 Summary

This was another difficult week.  Had no idea how to create a GIF, I did not enjoy trying to find out how to do this.  Tried on both a Mac and a PC and both were difficult.  Did not find any easy to follow instructions. Definitely learned a lot! In the future I will try to start things earlier in the week, I’m hoping to spend more time in the future.  Spending a lot of time learning things that seem easy to others that have done this type of stuff before.  I’m still hoping I’m doing things correctly.  I am not glued to my computer, so this is a difficult course for me.  The most fund thing I did was to find a classic picture and do something to it, although it isn’t earth shattering, it was fun to do.  I also liked some of the weekly creates, I was able to be sarcastic and I had fun with that.  Anyway, I’m hoping to get some good feedback because I have really tried to hard to meet the requirements.  I was a little let down with the amount of work I did last week and didn’t do all that well. It is definitely hard to post this as the whole world sees it.


Weekly Summary description

Completed this week:

  1. Reflect on The Vignelli Cannon
  2. DesignBlitz, my interpretation
  3. Daily Create #1 – How The East Was Lost
  4. Daily Create #2 – Virginia is for lovers
  5. Daily Create #3 – Its a wonderful life
  6. Daily Create #4 – What was he thinking? Train…
  7. Design Assignments #1 (3 stars) – Where did she go?
  8. Design Assignments #2 (4 stars) – Love to Fish
  9. Design Assignments #3 (3 stars) – Wordle anyone?
  10. Design Assignments #4 (3 stars) – Cool, Refreshing Drink of…
  11. Design Assignments #5 (2 stars) – Professional Student Sean
  12. Animated GIF #1 – Peace or War
  13. Animated GIF #2 – Starry Night

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